The Lobby: Subscriptions

The Tams11 Lobby is an Advertisement-Free game community. While playing you will not see advertisement banners, will not be subject to popup windows, and will not have to break while playing in order to view an advertisement.

This community is created for You and supported by You!

If you are renewing your subscription, any time left on your current subscription will be added to your new subscription if you use the same username.

Choose a subscription type

NOTICE: You must have a valid tams11 Lobby Username before ordering. If you do not have a tams11 Lobby Username, download the Lobby and create one now.

Yearly US$34.95
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90-Day US$12.95
A 90-day subscription for one username
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Buddy Subscription US$54.95
Two yearly subscriptions (for you and a buddy) with a savings of $14.95.
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NOTICE: You must enter TWO VALID USERNAMES in the username box on the order form when ordering a Buddy Subscription.