About Tams11 Software

About Tams11

Tams11: Tams11 is owner of the Tams11 Lobby and the games. She has done the coding for The Lobby and all the games except for Squib. She is a 51-year-old wife and mother.

Select Hosting: Select Hosting provides the machines that the Lobby and the Tams11 website are operated from. To learn more about Select Hosting Click Here.

FastSpring: FastSpring handles all payments. To learn more about FastSpring Click Here.

tree: My sister, Teresa (tree), designed & coded this site. To learn more about tree, Click Here.


My husband, daughter, and son — My Inspirations.

DavidRM — My Mentor.

My Family — My Strength.

My Graphics and Sound Designers — My Creativity.

All my Testers — My Courage.

Special Thanks to: JayF, Jason, Jenn, Marie, Michelle, Mike, Patrick, Paul, Teresa, Tj, Mr Campbell, and Mr. Lawson.

Game Graphics for Michigan Rummy and Far Star contributed by Paul

Squib Created by Looking Left

Voice Overs in Dartzee, Drawnet, and Awesome Music Trivia courtesy of Sounds-Perfections

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